66% of Austinites feel uninformed about the issues.
89% say they would give to a specific need in the community.

Why We’re Here

I Live Here, I Give Here’s mission is to deepen and expand the culture of personal philanthropy by inspiring Central Texans to invest more money in our community. We educate and connect individuals and non-profits so more Central Texans experience the personal benefit of increased philanthropy.

I Live Here, I Give Here’s mission is to deepen and expand the culture of personal philanthropy by inspiring Central Texans to invest more money in our community. We educate and connect individuals and non-profits so more Central Texans experience the personal benefit of increased philanthropy.

Did you know that according to a study done by The Chronicle of Philanthropy in 2012, Austin is ranked 32nd out of the 50 largest cities in the nation in per capita charitable giving? This is a big improvement over our ranking at the beginning of the 21st century when we ranked 48, but there is still a lot of room for growth!

Austin is a vibrant city with a personality all its own. Central Texans are passionate, driven, and generous volunteers of their time and talent. But that’s not enough. The biggest problem facing Austin Nonprofits is there is not enough money.

Our community is well known for cherishing its environment and local businesses, its time to nurture our home-grown nonprofits in the same way!

We depend on our nonprofits to meet so many of the Austin's most basic needs; but the shortage of funds for these organizations is creating large gaps in services.

This is where I Live Here, I Give Here steps in. Our main purpose is to connect people like YOU with the issues you care about and the Nonprofits that support them.

I Live Here, I Give Here is proud of the work we have accomplished since our launch in 2007. We connect the people of Austin with the causes they care about.

We partner with nonprofit groups so they can be more accessible to you. We spotlight specific needs in Austin every month to let you know how you can help.

Please check out our Programs and get to know our Board Members and Staff!

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Volunteer Opportunities This Holiday Season!

by The I Live Here, I Give Here Team
November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving is coming and with so much to be thankful for, there are tons of ways to show our gratitude and give back to the community!

Do you want to help provide access to healthcare and health education to
vulnerable populations? Think about helping out at the Volunteer Health
! They need helpers with both medical and non-medical backgrounds. http://www.volclinic.org/volunteers.php

Find out ways to help local survivors get through the holidays by checking out Safe Place’s Holiday Programs. https://www.safeplace.org/HolidayProgram

Austin Habitat for Humanity is seeking volunteers to help improve their presence in the Austin community. Find out how you can help. http://www.volunteermatch.org/search/opp1422917.jsp

Would you like to find out about ways to help the homebound and hungry in the Austin area? Take a look at the volunteer opportunities at Meals on Wheels and Morehttp://www.mealsonwheelsandmore.org/volunteer/current-needs

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Want to raise money for a cause and build up an appetite for your big dinner? Check out the Turkey Trot and run to raise money for Caritashttp://www.caritasofaustin.org/events/turkey-trot

This year the YMCA will be hosting its 25th Annual Children’s Christmas Party. Last year more than 1,000 disadvantaged children attended the event. Many volunteer are needed to help bring joy to that many children. There are some great volunteer opportunities! http://www.austinymca.org/news/25th-annual-childrens-christmas-party

Are you interested in ending homelessness in Austin? Find out how you can help Front Steps reach their goal. http://www.frontsteps.org/how-to-help/volunteer/volunteer-opportunities 

Did you know that SAHELI has bystander trainings to help community members know how to interrupt, intervene, and stay safe when they see someone in a dangerous situation. Find out more and stop abuse! www.saheli-austin.org

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Nonprofit Sign Up For Amplify Austin - Mon. Nov. 18!

by The I Live Here, I Give Here Team
November 14, 2013


Nonprofits, we’re ready for you.

Starting 8 a.m. Monday, November 18, registration for Amplify Austin 2014 is open for business!

So don’t miss out. Because 6 p.m. March 20, 2014, is the start day and time when Austin and Central Texas rally behind your cause for 24 inspiring hours and give online.

And yes, it’s inspiring. In its inception this past spring, your community raised $2.8 million for 320 nonprofits. And this year, we’ve set the goal at $4 million.

So let’s get going. To begin registration, visit our website to access the login portal for Amplify Austin. Since registration is different from last year (and improved!), here are a couple of tips and guidelines:

  • Registering early and before the holidays take over is a good idea! Don’t wait too long -- get the process rolling as soon as you can.
  • Registration closes February 20, 2014. Oh, so you have lots of time, right? Think of it this way: If you wait till the last moment, you lose A LOT of opportunity to be seen and searched by potential donors who have been checking out the website. And since media and promotion for Amplify Austin will be hot starting the first of the year, you want to make the most of this time.

Good luck to all you amazing nonprofits, and here’s to kicking-off a great Amplify Austin 2014!


Questions? Contact Blaire Kniffin, Blaire@ILiveHereIGiveHere.org or 512-432-1925.

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Nonprofit News! 11.06.13

by The I Live Here, I Give Here Team
November 6, 2013

Let’s welcome November with some great nonprofit news! With the new month comes a new Community Needs Spotlight, focused on victim services, and great opportunities for everyone to get involved in the Austin community!

Do you have a story about the effects of violence on your life? Do you want to share that story? The Texas After Violence Project is running a storytelling project and may be able to interview you. Share your story or find out other ways to get involved to end violence in Texas. http://www.texasafterviolence.org/get-involved.aspx

The 2013 Race for the Cure is Sunday, November 10, and you can still take action to help prevent, detect, and cure breast cancer with Susan G. Komen!  They are taking donations up until the day of the race as part of their #practicepink campaign. Check it out at http://practicewhatyoupink.org/ or check out their web video.

Catholic Charities has an urgent need for volunteers to help conduct a Community Assessment Survey in West on November 9 and 16, from 9:30 a.m – 4 p.m. The Purpose of assessment is to get a pulse for unmet needs from the blast disaster and figure the next order of services for families and the town. Get more information at http://ccctx.org/programs/disaster/west/westvolunteer/ If you are interested in helping, please call Sara Ramirez at 512-651-6102 or emailing sara-ramirez@ccctx.org.

Greenlights is celebrating nonprofit excellence with Party for Good on Tuesday, November 12. We are so proud and honored that I Live Here, I Give Here is a finalist for nonprofit of the year! You can still get your tickets to the event. We’ll for sure be there! http://greenlights.org/training-events/party-for-good

VSA Texas’ Annual Holiday Arts and Gift Show is coming up! Their holiday art and gift show runs from November 18 until December 24, 2013. They will also host a Holiday Arts and Gift Show Artist Reception on Friday, November 22, 2013 from 5:30 pm - 8 pm. Come share some refreshments, meet the artists and shop.  Why not support local artists with disabilities and the VSA while buying your family and friends holiday gifts to treasure? Artists get 70% of sale price and VSA Texas gets 30%. http://www.vsatx.org 

The Children's Heart Foundation is seeking volunteers to help rally for funds for research on congenital heart defects. Find out more about their cause and what you can do to help! http://www.idealist.org/view/volop/SFGxs36BMcxd/

The Capital Area Food Bank
still needs volunteers to help out during their busiest time of the year, “the Holiday Hustle.” Volunteers must be willing to commit to assisting every Thursday from 10 AM to 12 PM beginning the week of November 7 and finishing the week of January 9. http://bit.ly/1a9SuKc 

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A 2-for-1 Deal: Get Something, Give Something

by The I Live Here, I Give Here Team
October 29, 2013



It’s surprising the impact a pair of used shoes can have on one person.

Because someone decided not to toss them in the trash -- which just leads to the city trash anyway -- those shoes made their way to a donation bin, into the hands of some volunteer, tagged by another for pricing, and landed on a table at The Settlement Home for Children’s annual garage sale. Someone will buy them. They’ll pay a fantastic low price. And the money they give will serve a child. Shoes well traveled.

The Settlement Home has hosted their annual garage sale for 35 years. All the workers are volunteers. All the items for sale are donated. And that allows 100 percent of the proceeds to return to The Settlement Home to continue providing housing and security for women, foster and adoption programs, and residential and group home programs for children.

It’s easy to see that every dollar you give stretches far beyond what you buy. So do the donated items, which have such a range for shoppers to choose from: rugs, furniture, home goods, clothes, outdoor gear. You name it, and you’ll probably find it!

“I chose [to donate to] The Settlement Home because we wanted to build a relationship with a unique charity that could benefit from our type of donations. We've found that some items are directly useful to the community they serve, while others benefit the kids through the annual garage sale,” says Masha Poloskova, owner of Moss Designer Consignment and regular donor to The Settlement Home.

For three years, Moss has donated 1,200 - 2,000 high-end apparel and accessories yearly to The Settlement Home, with many found at the garage sale. Why do it? Because Austin is home to Masha. It supports her, so she supports it back.

“Austin has embraced both of my businesses … I've received an immense amount of support ... as a retailer who specializes in designer labels, I'm fortunate to be in the position to give back and support the community that has helped me grow personally and professionally over the years.”

Austinites, this weekend you’re getting a 2-for-1 deal: hunt for great goodies AND give back to the community. With a turnout of more than 25,000 people in the past years, it’s obvious we love this deal. If you’re lucky, you might snag Chanel loafers or a Prada bag. Or simply a well-traveled pair of used shoes.

The Settlement Home for Children Austin Garage Sale
Palmer Events Center, 900 Barton Springs Road
November 2 (10 a.m.-5p.m.) - November 3 (10 a.m.-2p.m.)

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First Curiosity, Forever Advocacy: A Story Of Finding Your Cause

by The I Live Here, I Give Here Team
October 24, 2013

Jacklyn loved hair. It was something tactile, she could smell it, and she could tell who was around her by the length and sound we made as she pulled. She laughed and yelled “Pelo! Pelo!”  Pelo means hair in Spanish.  No one in my family understood Spanish; we assumed she was saying pillow.

Jacklyn was 7 years old, blind, and had a developmental disability. She was a Mexican immigrant and she only spoke Spanish. She stayed in my family’s home in Southern California for three weeks while her mother gave birth to Jacklyn’s baby sister and she transitioned into a domestic violence shelter.  Jacklyn came to our home when I was 11 years old, through a program called Respite in Foster Care.  Respite served as a support system for families in transition that had experienced different kinds of trauma.  Most of the children that came to our home through Respite had some kind of disability.

Jacklyn’s impairments were a result of physical abuse her mother experienced at the hands of Jacklyn’s father while she was pregnant with Jacklyn, and similar violence Jacklyn endured as an infant. When Jacklyn first came to our home, she seemed rightfully scared. She cried and screamed and wouldn’t eat. She yelled in Spanish and my mother could not calm her in English. I grew curious about ways to tell her she was safe and that we were not going to hurt her. I wanted her to know what food my mother was feeding her, and that her mother was fine and she would return.

I searched through the house and found my father’s old Spanish/English dictionary. After that, I would lie next to Jacklyn, stringing together basic sentences with unconjugated verbs and horrible pronunciation. “Tu comer manzana.” or “You eat apple.” “Tu madre venir otra vez” or “Your mother comes again.” Trying to speak Spanish to her seemed to calm her. At least it made her laugh.

After Jacklyn returned to her mother, I took greater interest in the histories of the children who stayed in our home. I wanted to know why the world was so inaccessible for them, why someone would hurt Jacklyn, why there weren’t more resources to prevent abuse and promote accessibility, and why I had certain privileges that the children who came to stay in our home didn’t have. When it came time to work my way through college, I worked in Special Education and I studied and became fluent in Spanish. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate career, I worked and volunteered in several branches of disability services, adaptive education, and disability rights advocacy in California, Texas, Spain, and Guatemala.

My life has taken me many places, and I love remaining involved in the disability services and rights advocacy community wherever I go. I am in Austin until February, when I will move to Brazil with my partner. While I am here, I am volunteering at I Live Here, I Give Here and ARCIL, inc. (A Resource Center for Independent Living). ARCIL promotes self-advocacy for people with disabilities. I am a fan of ARCIL because they treat disability as a social issue, as opposed to a medical problem. ARCIL navigates resources in Travis County to ensure that people with disabilities have access to necessities like housing, transportation, education, and adaptive technology. I teach classes at ARCIL, research, get feedback from their consumers, and help with social media.

One of my favorite aspects about I Live Here, I Give Here is the way it encourages the Austin community to get involved and find a cause that they are passionate about. We all have causes and ideals that are of great importance to us, and discovering ways to actively engage in them is life changing and fulfilling. Whether the cause is disability services, the environment, education, or the arts, you have the opportunity to be involved and make your community an even better place to live. You can start by watching our Community Needs videos and reading our Community Needs Spotlight that highlight nonprofits who are serving seniors and people with disabilities everyday.

Austin is full of opportunities to volunteer, and you can find several of them on our nonprofit news blog, including volunteer opportunities with ARCIL. I encourage you to find your cause however, wherever and whatever it may be. Thanks to Jacklyn and many others, I found my cause.


Sam Serrano is from Long Beach, California. She earned her M.A. in Latin American Studies at UT Austin in 2011. Her research focused on disability rights in Guatemala. She is currently  writing, researching, and improving her Portuguese before she moves to Brazil.


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Nonprofit News! 10.24.13

by The I Live Here, I Give Here Team
October 24, 2013

This month, we've been sharing stories, videos, news and facts about the issues facing seniors and disabled people in Austin. And you've probably learned of a few, if not many, nonprofits who have taken up the cause to serve our neighbors, friends, and family. So here's your chance to share in that impact. We have a list of volunteer opportunities and events that are coming up and related to this month's Community Needs Spotlight. We're happy to help you find your cause. 

ARCIL, inc., is currently seeking volunteers to help people with disabilities in the physical moving process. While there is sometimes funding available to help with rent and utilities, physically moving personal belongings from one residence to another can be costly. If you are interested in helping, e-mail John Meinkowsky at johnm@arcil.com.

Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas invites you to join them for their 14th Annual Buddy Walk on Sunday, October 27 at 2 p.m. Visit their website to learn more about the event: http://dsact.com/buddywalk/dsact-buddy-walk/ 

Volunteer for Family Fun Days with Growing Roots. Help with planning, coordinating, and implementing 7 weekend afternoons of Family Fun Day (an afternoon of activities for all parents and their families involved in our programs). More info here: http://bit.ly/1cfRhTn 

Power for Parkinson’s has many volunteer opportunities. In alignment with their mission to improve the wellbeing of people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, their fitness program has been developed using the most current research available regarding Parkinson's and exercise physiology. To get more information, contact powerforparkinsons@gmail.com.

Drive A Senior is always looking for drivers, friendly visitors, office assistants, and handy helpers to volunteer. You can learn more about their needs and the work they provide to seniors in our neighborhoods at http://driveasenior.org/volunteer/.

CASA of Travis County speaks up for children who’ve been abused or neglected by empowering our community to volunteer as advocates for them in the court system. Join CASA at a free Volunteer Info Session & Lunch November 19 to learn more about becoming a CASA volunteer. Lunch will begin at 11:30 am and the presentation will start at 11:45. There will be time for questions with our staff and current volunteer advocates after the presentation.

Volunteer with Center for Child Protection and help greet children and families, assist in the distribution of information packets, educate families about the court process, assist pediatricians, shop for supplies, provide child care, perform administrative activities and assist with center upkeep. www.centerforchildprotection.org.

The Capital Area Food Bank seeks "Holiday Hustle" administrative volunteers to assist during their busiest time of the year. Volunteers must be willing to commit to assisting every Thursday from 10 AM to 12 PM beginning the week of November 7 and finishing the week of January 9. http://bit.ly/1a9SuKc 

Become a Guardian Advocate at Family Eldercare to brighten the life of a senior or an adult with a disability. Guardian Advocates make short, regular visits to a client to provide companionship and a higher quality of life by advocating for the person's needs. To learn more about becoming a Guardian Advocate or about their Guardianship Program, contact them at 512-483-3582 or email, volunteer@familyeldercare.org.


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